Product Review

Scubapro Hydros BC Review (12/03/2017 by Marius Odendaal)

I was given a Hydros BC to test by Dave Revenson from Scubapro, and took the opportunity to put it through its paces on a recent dive while certifying CMAS 1* students.

The Hydros is aesthetically stunning, and shows off the quality of product we have all come to know from Scubapro. From the snug contours, to the purpose built and well thought out design of every aspect of the bits and pieces that make up the BC.

But it’s when you get it in the water that the Hydros shows its true colours.

From the stability of the rig on your body, not moving around by even an inch, and the unreal responsiveness of the buoyancy control when using the power inflator, this BC certainly stacks up as being the best recreational / entry level Technical BC I have ever dived with in my career as Instructor.

I was very sad to have to give it back, but will definitely be looking into acquiring one for my own personal use in the near future.



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